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Web can intercouyrse

Objective: To examine the relation between frequency of sexual intercourse and risk of ischaemic stroke and coronary heart disease. Setting: The town of Caerphilly, South Wales and five adjacent villages.

Over the ensuing 20 years at follow up examinations held every four to five years, men were asked about stroke and transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs).

Main outcome measures: Ischaemic stroke and coronary heart disease, all first events and fatal events.

Results: Of the 914 men studied, 197 (21.5%) reported sexual intercourse less often than once a month, 231 (25.3%) reported sexual intercourse twice or more a week, and the remaining 486 (53.2%) men fell into the intermediate category.

Radiology records of CT scans were searched on every subject known to have been admitted to hospital with a cerebral event.

Postmortem records were also reviewed for possible stroke events.

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