Updating fedora 5

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Updating fedora 5

When I wrote that I meant "rolling release" to mean that you could now roll from one point release of Fedora (say 17) to version 18.Most distros such as Debian & Ubuntu provide this facility now. Now, the message has disappeared, and I cannot find it, not any software it might have been connected with. In Gnome 3, go to activities and do a search for "software update" (or find it in your list of applications). I would suggest changing title of this question so that it better matched the question which is being concerned specifically with upgrading from one release to another. I dismissed it, as the only option it had presented me with was "Install updates", and I wasn't quite sure what would that do. But, there is a GUI software manager, if you'd like to use it.None of the Red Hat distros prior to Fedora 17 included the ability to do dist-upgrades as you've asked.This had been a long discussed option on many peoples' wish list but had never been implemented.Personally, I have not found that RH/Fedora upgrades are problematic and being burnt once have done reinstalls of the new systems instead of messing around with major version updates.Minor version updates have been successful however.

Upgrading Fedora using package manager contains general notes and instructions on performing upgrades using the bare package manager.

(See Specifying package names for more information) If the packages or globs specified match to packages which are not currently installed then update will not install them.

update operates on groups, files, provides and filelists just like the "install" command.

If one or more packages or package globs are specified, Yum will only update the listed packages.

While updating packages, yum will ensure that all dependencies are satisfied.

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It replaces all of the currently recommended upgrade methods (Pre Upgrade and DVD) that have been used in previous Fedora releases.

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