Trend micro internet security keeps updating

Posted by / 01-Dec-2017 11:30

Trend micro internet security keeps updating

I moved from Norton to you because Norton didnt support Vista at the guys are like they were, behind..all developers have the ability to run Windows 10 creators update before release..should have worked out the bugs before it did, I know because I am a developer of software and do IT...on guys....Hi @danielos2, Apologies for all the troubles you had from this issue.I installed the 64bit-Version from your download center and it seeems to run without problems right now ;-)Is there a chance to get a german Version? It's nice to hear that you were able to install Trend Micro.

Hi ahsans and inspired_sg, Ideally the Trend Micro program should not have any problems with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Sometimes this manual start works but most of the times , it doesn't work no matter how many times I attempted.

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled to the latest available version. Hi inspired_sg and welcome to Trend Micro Community! As of now, Windows 10 creator update is not yet fully supported by the latest version of the Trend Micro program since this Operating System is still new but no worries since our team is already working on this so that it will be fully supported. Trend Micro Home Users Community Hi inspired_sg Witch TM version do you have?

Kindly let us know if you'll be able to install the Trend Micro program on your computer.

Trend Micro Home Users Community So let me get this right, Trend Micro didn't know Micro Soft was coming out with Windows 10 Creators Update and wasn't able to run pre-release version to test its software before hand......maybe its time to change Anti-virus software with one that keeps up with what is going on...

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With regards to your case, let us verify first if your computer has successfully upgraded to the Windows 10 creator update.