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Spore updating content database crash

These procedures are rapid and well suited for repeated use throughout the spacecraft assembly and launch process.

Most bacteria are either gram positive or gram negative.

At present, the most stringent bioburden reduction requirement is Viking post-sterilization (see Table 2.1), which imposes costs in resources and time.

At the same time, new information from studies of microbial diversity suggests that NASA’s standard microbial monitoring procedures may underestimate the number of organisms that could compromise planetary protection efforts.

New rapid and less expensive methods that provide more accurate estimates of total viable bioburden, and that do not require growth of microorganisms in the laboratory, are described below.

However, as described in Chapter 5, most microorganisms are not amenable to laboratory culturing, and culturing is not an effective method for assessing the types of microorganisms in situ.

Irrespective of how cells are stained, the sensitivity of all light microscopy techniques is constrained by the volume of material that can be viewed in a field.

At a magnification of 1000×, the fluid volume represented in a viewing field will be ~0.05 µl.

The assay detects many gram-negative bacteria and fungi.

Signals from gram-positive organisms are likely to represent contamination from soils, which can contain large amounts of gram-positive microbes.

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