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Speed dating melbourne

"It also takes a lot for a student to tell a teacher ‘Mum won’t let me study’, or ‘Mum won’t let me work so I can look after my husband’ - and if there’s an eye roll, a step back, or a look of dislike on your face, they will retreat back into their shell again.” Ross nodded and took notes, hanging on the young law student’s every word.As the crowds relaxed and personal stories were shared, the mood began to feel like old friends catching up.She says she attended the event to help bridge the social gap in her local community between the Muslim and non-Muslim families.“When I first converted, my family were scared,” says Coskun.Born in Australia but raised in Morocco and Lebanon, Assafiri adopted the ‘speed dating’ format to provide a safe and respectful space for local non-Muslim to meet and ask Muslims all the curly questions they were otherwise too shy to.The overall aim is to provide people who want to explore, challenge or better understand their racial and religious perceptions with an opportunity to do just that.People swapped numbers, photos of their kids, Facebook friend requests.Plates of food were brought out as the local footy players began to drift in after their Sunday game.

Speed Date A Muslim is the brainchild of Hana Assafiri, who launched the event in 2016 from the upstairs dining room of her Brunswick cafe, the Moroccan Deli-cacy.Assafiri and Tuna tell SBS they were understandably anxious on the day as they waited for guests to arrive.Tuna had been battling a swarm of aggressive Facebook trolls in the weeks leading up for the event, while Hana was unsure what to expect outside of her stomping ground in Melbourne’s Brunswick.Ross asked Yakub what she should avoid when dealing with young Muslim women preparing to leave school. “You [might not] realise that you are being biased towards [Muslim women].Despite the fact that they might have broken English, they can read body language really well.

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