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I have logged 400 card services calls in two years. The only thing to do to fight back is to degrade the hell out of the scammers using allof the foul language I learned from their coworkers. I have fun with unwanted calls sometimes which can be risky, but... Been getting a whole raft of calls from 813 Area Code, some numbers are repeated.

They threaten to keep calling everyday so this is harassment! As you can see from so many comments, people have taken to not answering their phones if they don't recognize the number. I keep asking them a question and repeat the question over and over or act as if I am hard of hearing or having phone problems...gotta get your fun when ya can We've just started getting various calls from scammers trying to tell us to call a number or press a number, to get a response to their scam; some is for "your Mastercard has been compromised..."; today it was "Marriott Hotels....". Some I've tried calling back, to learn if the number's real owner knows their number has been used as a Spoof number...they're mostly clueless.

I'm sure she hung up as soon as she heard, "please". Pls change the law to make calling a do-not-call number a civil offense as well, so we private citizens can sue these @#$%^&*( that are making our lives miserable. Rotating numbers and states, saying "Do you know about the U. Department of Education Debt forgiveness Program on your Student loan, please press one to see if you qualify." Then it is a loan company coming on.

You can levy a ,000 fine per illegal call, I understand, and that would be more than enough to get the interest of any lawyer who is clever enough to round up a few dozen or hundred complainants. They are asking about credit card numbers, banking,and so forth.

And it’s against the law to charge a fee up-front for these services.

Most people who pay the fee don’t get a lower rate — in fact, they get into worse debt, and may find unauthorized charges on their cards.

The number shown on my caller ID many times is in a nearby small town.

I have called the numbers,many it is always some local individual who has no idea their phone number is being used. I like wasting their time when I am in the mood; otherwise I don't answer.

Scammers could sign up for Skype or other VOIP numbers, then drop/change those once used too much.In many cases, these companies charge you for things you could do on your own for free.They might open a new card with a low introductory interest rate, or tell you to take advantage of your credit card company’s existing hardship programs.They CAN do this if they have enough calls tagged electronically, because the logs exist or can be created.Since data collection can be quick and automated, the switching points don't need to retain detailed logs for more than an hour or two.

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But there are doctors who call you on numbers that are different from the ones you call them on. No idea if there is any way for FCC to track scammers via tracking the used number.

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