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Simplicity pattern dating

Fashion sense in the 1940's was all based upon the war.The US government was rationing items such as cloth, rubber, and metal so the fashion industry had to adapt.In the 1950's characters were in full Technicolor glory! An hourglass figure was achieved by wearing foundation garments.Once the war was over the government released restrictions on fashion and in a rebellious nature Christian Dior created the bell dress which required wearing a petticoat underneath to help fill out the bottom half of the dress. Many of his runway designs used up to 5 yards of fabric in the skirt alone!

The 60's era began much like the end of the 1950's, but very quickly began to take on a new style with the new first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Children's garments were sewn with the idea of passing them down to younger family members.

In the 1940's character sketches were more detailed, but generally the pattern envelopes were only printed in 2-3 colors in the early-mid 40's. The character featured generally had small pointy lips, defined small facial features, her hair was curled under or tightly coiffed.

In the 1930's character sketches on the pattern featured very faded faces and just really an 'idea image' that it was an actual person.

1930's fashions featured feminine, flowing dresses. Many styles were cut on the bias to mold to your figure.

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Hemlines in fashion go down with the dollar (don't know why, it just has played out that way...

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