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Sex dating in islington massachusetts

triggers seem to be his 2 yr old brother but not much I can do about that as he's here to stay! I have tried everything from reward charts, time out, removing toys and activities, even resorted to a smacked bottom... Talking calmly even when he is calm doesn't seem to help..... Wits end, very frustrated and unhappy that I can't help or figure out my beautiful boy. Firstly, smacking can sometimes seem like a good idea when theres nothing else to do (and your at your wits end)...but it teaches your little one that hitting is acceptable.Tantrums that last for an hour or so at worst, real screaming, hitting and pure rage.He says he hates me and wants me to go away, will get a policeman to take me to jail and things like that.I don't know what sets him off but he can be hard work.

My 5 yr old son has turned into a very very angry little boy.

I always say that, even if he does it now and it completely takes the wind out of his sails.

To encourage you, the tantrums got less and less and he is now a very happy laid back little boy.

As your two yr old is a trigger - make your 5yr old more important. I would say time out personally but called it "the Cool Down Corner" as he is angry- explain that he has to sit there for 5mins and cool down.

Ask your 5yr old to help by giving your 2yr old a sticker when he's used the potty because "he's such a big boy and so good at helping" or ask your 5yr old to help your 2yr old with colouring/painting/picking up toys because "you're the big brother and you're so grown up". Afterwards, if that anger is still there - sit him there for another 5mins.

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