Romantic dating ru

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Romantic dating ru

God wants to have a special relationship with each of us, and we, too, since we’ve been created in His image and likeness, feel this as well- someone’s heart connecting with ours.

Physical attraction is healthy, since God has given us these feelings as well.

Like any relationship, we should go into dating remembering of course, the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Luke , Matthew ) If we go into any relationship asking ourselves “What can I do for this person? ” your relationship will go well, and you will grow as a person.

More important that anything else, though, we have to remember that we fully understand a person‘s heart, and true love, when we look at the other person as a child of the Most High, a child of God (Psalm 82:6).

Going on dates with one person on a regular basis, or being a “boyfriend” or a “girlfriend,” means that you spend time together in order to learn a little more about yourself, and what kind of person you gel with.

There are unique qualities about ourselves that we only begin to understand in a relationship with the opposite sex- and I‘m not referring to physical relations, but spending time and even just conversing with the other person.

We find that we have butterflies in our stomach when we see them, we want to know more about them, and more than anything we really want them to like us back.

Those butterflies in our stomach are our blood rushing and hormones getting amped up. Is it just because we find the person physically attractive? The truth is that romantic love is just as much a spiritual response as it is a physical one.

When we find that we are “in love with” someone, part of it is because our soul wants to have a special relationship with that person.

Relationships are certainly one of the most interesting aspects of our life on earth, and healthy relationships can truly be one of the greatest gifts God gives us.

November is a month where we reflect on what we are thankful for, and this is certainly something I feel I should thank God for daily.

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