Regular expression for validating email address in c

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The only guaranteed way to test an email address is to send an email and see if it bounces.Technically, you could also test the target server to see if it accepts that email address, but many servers do not respond to those requests, and if they do they may respond incorrectly.With that said, there might be cases when you cannot use those modules and you'd like to implement your own solution using regular expressions.One of the best (and maybe only valid) use-cases is when you would like to teach regexes.For example: examples/email_It properly verifies if an e-mail is valid, it even removes unnecessary white-spaces from both ends of the e-mail address, but it cannot really verify if the given e-mail address is really the address of someone, and if that someone is the same person who typed it in, in a registration form.These can be verified only by actually sending an e-mail to that address with a code and asking the user there to verify that indeed s/he wanted to subscribe, or do whatever action triggered the email validation.We just have to make sure that when we try to validate an e-mail address first we'll convert the string to lower-case letters.In order to verify if we have the correct regex we can write a script that will go over a bunch of string and check if Email:: Valid agrees with our regex: examples/email_

To do this I have to use the following criteria: •The email address must start with a letter (no numbers or symbols) •There must be an @ somewhere in the string that is located BEFORE the dot •There must be text after the @ symbol but BEFORE the dot •There must be a dot •There must be text after the dot I have started the program..I cannot figure out how to use correctly. I understand your sentiment, but while you may be helping some people by giving them code, those that learn nothing are actually being hindered.Input validation is performed to ensure only properly formed data is entering the workflow in an information system, preventing malformed data from persisting in the database and triggering malfunction of various downstream components.Input validation should happen as early as possible in the data flow, preferably as soon as the data is received from the external party. I am trying to learn from it, but I am still confused.As it is, the code so far doesn't even come close to properly validating an email address.

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The problem is so complex, actually, that the complete, industry-standard, regex for it is actually broken.

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