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A business associate agreement is not required if the GHP documents have been amended to limit PHI disclosures—or if the disclosures are limited to summary health information from the GHP for obtaining bids or modifying or terminating the plan, or an individual’s participation, enrollment, or disenrollment in a plan.

Summary health information means that the information that identifies the individual claims history, claims expenses, or type of claims experienced by individuals has been de-identified, except that the geographic information need only be aggregated to the level of a five digit zip code Establish organizational accountability Most covered entities have a HIPAA oversight committee and a chief compliance officer, and GHPs should do the same.

Make appropriate workflow changes It’s important to reduce the amount of PHI the plan sponsor sees or retains to the minimum necessary for various tasks.

If adequate separation between the GHP and plan sponsor is required, it’s essential to document which team members (typically HR Benefits) have access to PHI, how that access is authorized, procedures for initiating and terminating access, and the measures in place for resolving noncompliance issues.

The GHP should also document and test a data breach determination process and response plan.

Assess your current program This work begins by identifying applicable HIPAA requirements based on the activities of the GHP and the health information shared with the plan sponsor and business associates.

Clarify policies and procedures Every GHP should create formal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with new HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification requirements.

This includes clearly communicating the disciplinary consequences for any employee who fails to abide by the rules.

Implement a comprehensive training program All GHP employees must receive thorough training regarding HIPAA policies and procedures.

Maintain copies of your training materials and accurate records of training attendance to demonstrate your commitment to HIPAA adherence.

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And to help them use their new authority to enforce the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, the OCR developed HIPAA enforcement training specifically for SAGs.

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