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As you can see in the picture above, there is some very useful information held in the Lync Status page.

So if you’re having some issues with a phone, just find the user in the Lync Polycom VVX Manager Tool and click the “Web Config” button.

Or reboot all the VVX handsets on a Lync system with the “Reboot All” button. Test your FTP Configuration server by simply entering the IP address of the FTP server and pressing the “Test FTP” button.

If you always receive the error “Did not receive any response for the DHCP discovery message.” when testing the PIN number, then it’s likely that there’s no DHCP server capable of responding to INFORM messages in the subnet that your Lync server is on.

To get around this you can enable a special DCHP INFORM message responder in the Lync server.

If this setting is set to True, the Lync server will respond to INFORM requests it sees broadcast on the subnet.

You will need to ensure that the phone is getting the correct information for its DHCP INFORM requests as well.

So be sure to check your DHCP configuration for the subnets that the phones are deployed on (ie.

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In most cases this is about the level of detail you can expect from an end user, because to them the fact that the system voice policy is blocking them from dialling out is the same as their phone having caught fire and exploding while they were out at lunch…

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