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Novels on interracial dating

He is her only living family member and she will risk her life to find him. Laia and Elias’ paths cross when Laia goes undercover as a slave at Elias’ military school to get information on her brother.

Devorah’s family forbids the relationship but will she disobey her parent’s wishes for the sake of love?by Sarah Ockler After a serious accident left singer Elyse mute, she decides to live a life of solitude.During a party Elyse meets Christian, a playboy who doesn’t treat her like glass.When a copycat murderer begins killing young women in his small town, Jazz and his friends help local law enforcement to find the killer.Laia is a Scholar, the lowest of the low, and her brother has been taken by The Masks.

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His older brother ignores him but he’s found a new best friend. Searching for her brother, Tessa finds herself in the underbelly of London. The government enlists June to go undercover to capture Day but when she discovers he’s wrongly accused, will June turn him in or help him escape?