Maxmiler tyres dating

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Maxmiler tyres dating

Getting your caravan or motorhome ready for a long journey is an important step for your enjoyment and safety.What could be worse than planning every detail of your touring holiday or long weekend - only to spend several hours on the roadside due to a caravan tyre failure?Unfortunately this is not always the case with all caravans.Your Caravan Handbook usually quotes the tyre pressure for the original tyre size fitted and the caravan loaded to the MTPLM (Maximum Technical Permitted Laden Mass).Getting your caravan tyres replaced doesnt have to be difficult, if you need new tyres, avoid the hassle of towing your mobile home to a garage or dealership by using our mobile tyre fitting service.With appointments available 6 days a week we will come to you to fit new tyres for your caravan either at home or at your storage area.The simple fact is caravan tyres often get overlooked and are not checked regularly.

Now multiply this figure by the actual load you are going to put on the tyre – so half the MTPLM for a single axle caravan or a quarter of the MTPLM for a twin axle caravan.If your tyres are older than 5 years old, you should consider replacing them.One of the most important safety aspects of towing is having the correct tyres fitted on your caravan and just as important having the tyres inflated to the correct pressure.Natural ageing of the composite materials that form tyres occur from day one and it is widely recommended that caravan tyres should be replaced at 5 years old.To help you, new tyres have a date mark stamped on them to show the week and month of manufacture.

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In this example, the manufacture date code is 1413 - where 14 denotes the week of manufacture and 13 represents the year, meaning this tyre was made in the 14th week of 2013.

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