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Today, Theron still labors to get people to talk about what she’s reading, her craft, or her politics, instead of what she ate to gain weight or what she’s doing in her private life.She continues to fight the idea that the private lives of female stars are not only public property, but take precedence over whatever they do onscreen.Pictures of her — in Playboy, Esquire, Vanity Fair — highlighted the second part of the equation, while the interviews took care of the rest. Nudity, if used correctly, is extremely powerful.” Nudity served to get Theron steady, if unremarkable, work — and it soon dominated her image.

But unlike Turner, who was exploited and abused by a series of men in her private and professional life, Theron charted a different career trajectory for herself almost immediately.Theron has said that she’s “very attracted to characters who don’t necessarily make it easy to be loved.” But she’s only been able to refuse niceness, onscreen and off, because of her beauty: It’s the capital she keeps cashing in order to get interesting roles that will de-emphasize, or at least trouble, the privileges that attend being a thin, white, straight woman in today’s society.So what happens when that beauty, at least by Hollywood standards, comes of age?“We can see where he saw my career going,” she later told W magazine. The role was significantly reduced during the editing process, but served as an opening for Theron.She didn’t work for nearly a year; all of her offers were for “sex-kitten” roles that required her to take her clothes off. Over the next five years, she’d go on to play a string of wives and girlfriends who only periodically took off their clothes.

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In early interviews, Theron claimed that her father had died in a car accident when she was just 15.

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