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“Someone is trying to steal my Lady’s heart from me?

“I’ll tell you if you tell me.” Wait, no— Ladybug blinks. Okay.”Honestly, he didn’t actually think she’d say yes.

“She’s cute.”She’s suddenly very glad that it's dark.

She really wants to stay here for the rest of time. She finds glowing green ones staring back at her as she climbs up.

“Guess we both a have a thing for civilians we save, huh? And she is interested to see how thoroughly he thought this through.“Not long,” he admits.

She’s pretty sure that if Chat could fully see her face, it’d match the color of her suit. ” Maybe she can keep his attention off of her and Adrien.

Do you know how well brains work when you’re panicking?! “So now instead of just you’re going to keep lying and fake date me? “Again with the bad life choices.”“What if I say no? we did a lot of screaming about it, which was always fun. also: rated t because they're teenagers and there's a lot of swearing. anyway, lucia was awesome enough to let me try my hand at it, so here we are. i've only got the first chapter written, so updates for this fic might be a bit more spaced out! “We don’t actually have to like .”“What do you mean? Just like…a month or something.”Marinette’s shoulders sag. “We can talk more about how much we don’t want to fake date each other later, but I’ve gotta run before I let the cat out of the bag.”Marinette watches him leap over rooftops, a feeling a dread settling in her stomach. Ladybug is peering in, gaze sweeping around the room. She raises her fist and hesitates for a second before knocking again. He throws off his blankets, making sure to cover Plagg, and opens the window for Ladybug. “And that’s my cue.” He hops up on the railing of her balcony and gives her a salute. ” Tikki asks as Marinette curls up on her bed and stares at the wall. The sky is a blue so pale it’s almost white, the sun barely above the horizon. ” Plagg protests.“I’ll make it two months,” Adrien threatens.“Cruel and unusual punishment.” Plagg floats up to the top of Adrien’s head, making himself comfortable in Adrien’s hair. I won’t mention how messed up this is again.”“Thank you.”“It’s really messed up though.”“Plagg!

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” she shouts, grabbing her yo-yo off her belt and swinging away as fast as humanly possible. She pulls out a sketchbook to mindlessly doodle as she waits, but all that she can come up with is random scribbles.