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in my last post I gave you 7 ideas to leverage your content on your blog to take full advantage of your content.Yet, there are other ways you can spread more content of yours around to generate more traffic to your site.Neil Strauss - The Annihilation Method - Style's Archives - Volume 1 - The Origin of Style - How to Transform From Chump to Champ in No Time - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. - From I Kissed Dating Goodbye to I Gave Dating a Chance, ... download or request your free copy of Marriage & Family: ... - PDF Ebooks for Search word 'mahasamar free download' Download FREE CULTURE - Free ...

My guess is that if you do, you’ll be out faster than you could count to 3. Remember that it’s against their rule that you post ANYTHING that you don’t own, including music, song lyrics, or poems, if this is what you want to share. If you do they’ll see you as a spammer and you’ll be banned as well.

Today I wanted to talk about a different way you could recycle older content and making it new again, or create brand new content to generate organic traffic to your site using a tool called Scribd.

I’ve been a member of Scribd since 2008, and back then they were still small with limited options, but today, Scribd has grown, and it’s become an even better way to help spread your content throughout the web and generate more traffic to your blog or website.

Scribd, a popular document sharing service that launched in 2007, introduced an unlimited ebook subscription service in late 2013, joining a growing number of startups trying to do for ebooks what Netflix did for movies. “The subscription model has already transformed the way we consume content like film and music, and Scribd is doing the same with books,” Keith Rabois, partner at Khosla Ventures which led the round, said in a statement.

Rabois, who was previously COO at Square, will join Scribd's board as an observer.

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