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Experiments with human blood cells have shown that vaccination confers, on average, a fourfold reduction in the infectivity of HIV (unpublished report from George Mason University, Virginia, USA, 2003).Myxoma poxvirus uses the allele, but we suggest that the resistance mutation may have provided at least partial protection from smallpox in the 17th and 18th centuries, so maintaining the selection pressure on the mutation.After determining efficient recombinase variants individually, I will test the evolved enzymes for recombinase-mediated excision on and subsequently in human cells.

The steady improvement in public health measures contributed to the elimination of haemorrhagic plague by 1670, mutation in the towns and cities of Europe in the 17th century (fig 3) where the epidemics were largely confined, in contrast with the villages and countryside which were rarely struck.

The plague of Copenhagen in 1711, in which 38% of the population died, was the last outbreak in Denmark, but the Health Authorities there maintained strict control of its borders because Poland continued to be ravaged at regular intervals until 1800.

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Infection of these cells by HIV-1 is often described in two consecutive stages, the M-tropic and T-tropic phases, corresponding to the target cells: macrophage or T-lymphocyte cells.

During viral infection, a glycoprotein on the surface of the virus, gp120, binds to the immune cell-surface molecule CD4 receptor (Janeway 2008).

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In response to foreign antigens, the body’s immune system concentrates specific white blood cells at the site of infection.