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Dating love relationship in jamica

Compatibility isn’t about how similar both of you are, but how well you mesh together as a couple.[Read: Law of attraction in love] Don’t look at your differences as burdens, instead look at it as something that either of you can learn from each other.#1 Communication How did you deal with the situation the last time you disagreed with your partner, or had a little fight?Most couples prefer to just end an argument with slammed doors and silent evenings rather than face the situation, sort it out and clear the air.Problems that are brushed under the carpet have a way of raising a stink every now and then.

But by avoiding a confrontation, you would end a fight but you really can’t understand each other or help each other.Make a conscious effort to understand your partner and understand their behavior. It’s surprising to see that so many individuals fail in a relationship because of this one thing alone.By understanding each other’s minds, both of you can change and become better individuals and a better couple. Seriously, how difficult is it for couples to learn to give in selflessly once in a while?If you feel something’s wrong in the relationship or if your partner’s done something objectionable, talk to your partner without accusing them or shouting at them.Help your partner understand how you feel about it instead of yelling or cursing at your lover.

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But think about it, if you truly love your partner, seeing them smile or have a good time would make you happy too, wouldn’t it?