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Illegal downloading, online file sharing and CD-Rs brought the original DC5 albums back on the market, even if they were bootlegs with less-than-perfect sound. No need to license masters or work with a record company this time. Just put the music out there online and watch the money roll in. Precious little advertising or publicity means that most people don't even know the i Tunes album is available.Pretty soon it became possible to download virtually everything the band had ever recorded, including album cover art, within a few hours. And those who already have bootlegged CDs won't be chomping at the bit to pay for compressed MP3 files. Given Dave Clark's track record with this stuff, the music may not be out there for too long, so grab it while you can.In the meantime, the DC5's audience got older and smaller, as the original fans began to die off and fewer radio stations were around to play the old hits. 26 of the best pop singles of the '60s, plus two horrible previously unreleased songs which sound of suspiciously recent vintage, all for 12 bucks.As CD sales began their downslide, it no longer seemed so important to re-release . Even if you're not into downloading, it's a much better deal than shelling out a Benjamin for those out-of-print CDs.The Dave Clark Five became one of the biggest forgotten acts in rock n' roll history. As for the original DC5 albums, don't hold your breath.

Her discography consists of ten studio albums, three compilation albums, a live album, and 37 singles, as well as a Christmas single release and a guest vocal on the 1996 charity single "Hope".Thank you for selecting our practice to care for your familys needs.We provide preventive health care, treatment of acute illness, education and support to promote your childs physical and emotional well-being.Of her six albums, her first three are certified platinum in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America and platinum or higher by the Canadian Recording Industry Association.Her Greatest Hits package is gold in both countries.

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