Aspie nt dating

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Aspie nt dating

They never really pull this off if you are around them long enough though, do they?

Yet here we sit today, in a world where we were on the right track to prevent Aspies from ever living a life of hiding and pretending, and the powers-that-be in the mental health community thought it best to toss them into another group because of the “similarities” they saw and the genetic component at play in both classic autism and Aspergers.

This could be why such a silly Facebook post catapulted me back into a topic I had been researching years ago compelling me to comment on her post and create this one: Ugh…you are an altruist in every sense of the word monkey (“ugh” because as a mom I know the personal sacrifices you have already endured and will continue to endure throughout your lifetime because of this “psychological gift/burden”) ) There is something inspiring about those that are truly altruistic individuals and it seemed to apply to my Asperger/NT marriage so appropriately.

I am in no way considering myself altruistic, as I would probably not be blogging with such reckless abandon that I am certain will infuriate many subgroups of ASD or their families along the way (we are an exhausted volatile group, aren’t we? Clearly I have “aspergated” myself enough in the last five years to decide that my opinion is the right one and I should write this blog.

I believe there are so many women equally deserving of the diagnosis but because they present themselves differently (be it nature or nurture) they rarely get the right diagnosis and are overlooked entirely.

After living with my husband John for five years, reading every blog, book, article, study, etc.

In my zombie-like scrolling I came upon a post my 15 year old daughter made earlier this morning of the photo above.

It always makes me smile when I see stories, ideas, or random thoughts she posts that I would have also identified with, had I stumbled upon it first.

Her stepfather (I suppose better referred to as my husband) is by all accounts (all = mine) the epitome of the “Adult Male Aspie” stereotype (in the negative).

” I believe, as do the select few experts in Aspergers (that are truly deserving of such a title), that the actual percentage of our society that would be diagnosed with AS (if evaluated under the old criteria) is far more profound than anyone could imagine.

They never did have a clear figure to account for the prevalence of Aspergers in children when it was still diagnosable, and heaven knows the interest in adults undiagnosed yielded no research grants!

Sadly, the vast majority of adults with Aspergers have not only gone undiagnosed until the last decade, but they comprise only a fraction of those who warranted a diagnosis but were failed not once, but twice by a medical community who got it wrong .

Regardless of why my husband made it so far without a clue his mind operated on a different system, his coping mechanisms to adapt to the norm and fit in served to produce a man that is so defensive and closed-off it sometimes becomes profoundly challenging to believe there is any kindness tucked beneath the surface.

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