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However, if your kids are unaware of the dangers posed by IM, they may not be as cautious about their IM communications as they should be.For all its appeal to young people, IM also poses a number of risks.Both America Online and MSN Instant Messenger allow for communication over a cell phone that is equipped for IM.

Young people often find IM easier than talking face to face.

If you child is on the buddy list of an Internet predator, as soon as your child logs on to Instant Messenger, the predator will be alerted.

Have your child identify IM buddies on his or her list and explain the nature of his or her relationship with each (classmates, sports teammate, etc.).

An IM-equipped child can communicate anywhere, with anyone, at any time on the IM network - all without a parent's knowledge.

Besides offering real-time contact with strangers or others who may seek to harm your child, Instant Messaging allows for the immediate dissemination of significant personal information.

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