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Ab dl dating

After about 1/2 hour, our visit ended, & Rae said she needed to use the restroom, to change my wet diaper ( I brought a fresh one with me).I told Rae that I also needed to go to the restroom & put on a new diaper (soda goes right thru me, as Rae knew).As Rae looked at my pass, her friend Sally entered the lounge.Sally seemed normal to me; however Rae had previously explained that Sally had heard voices in her head, telling her to kill herself.

When I asked for the night nurse, Becky; I was told that she had to go to another floor, as two nurses there had called in sick.After a time, I explained that I like to use humor, to keep from feeling sad or depressed about my incontinence; & encouraged her to kid & tease me about my wearing a cloth diaper & plastic pants.I was able to use humor as a way to reveal my ABDL feelings & needs.He opened a small window in the door, to ask Rae if she had my pass. I'll see you in the morning, when I come in for my work shift!Rae smiled at me, thru the small window, saying "He is not a visitor. " The guard then ordered me to return to the lounge.

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The other night nurse, who told me to go to my room; had not seen me while I was a "visitor"; thus she assumed that I was a newly admitted patient, & that a copy of my official admission papers would be forwarded to this ward tomorrow.